Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Welcome to this blog. The 'Purpose' section sets out what it is for and what I hope it will achieve. It was set up in 2012 and revised and added to subsequently. I hope to add photographs of the main camp at Hohnstein and information on the British and Americans who represented their fellow inmates.
Although the focus of this blog is on British POWs, I would welcome contributions about any aspect of the life of the main camp and its dependencies from those with connections to the German authorities who ran them, as well as from POWs and their relatives of other belligerent nations. My thanks to those who have already done so and who have expanded my understanding of the history of the main and work camps.
Finally, although it is fine to respond to this blog via posts, it would help me more if contact were made direct to me by emailing prgx@btinternet.com This alerts me more quickly to your interest.
Thanks in anticipation of your help.

Updated: February 2016


  1. Dear Peter,
    I've looked for another way to contact you but can't find your details elsewhere. I am a researcher and am working on a book. I have information about one of the work camps administered by IVA, in fact more than one. You've also mentioned on other forums that you are working on the role of the camp MOC. I would like to correspond with you by email. If you're interested, you may delete this comment and get hold of me on mwoozenberg@gmail.com.
    Rgds, Elaine

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